We caught up with Frances.O in London for her new campaign's photoshoot. We immediately fell in awe this little lady ; she's got a sharp accent, she is passionate about fashion and highly aware of this rapidly expanding movement known as SLOWFASHION. A friendship was born. We wanted to actively participate in the development of her brand, her sublime culmination of years of work developing designs and sourcing components. Frances.O is a small independent label priding itself on handmade metal, crystal and resin clothing. Her brand identifies itself in sourcing raw materials from the finest craftsmen and factories within the United Kingdom, & each item is handmade to perfection.

She makes our dream come true. Ohlala! Come discover the special collaboration between our concept store and the fashion designer. Get started with the purchase of collector's items, in pursuit of more ethical, sustainable and beautiful fashion.

FRANCES.O_cami top pink